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We work with many of the of the major franchises such as, Choice Hotels, Wyndham Hotels, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Hilton Hotel Group, and Best Western International. Inc. We understand the different requirements of each franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hotel insurance?

Hotel insurance is a specialized type of commercial insurance designed to protect hotel owners and operators from various risks and liabilities specific to the hospitality industry.

Why do hotels need insurance?

Hotels face unique risks due to the nature of their business, such as guest injuries, property damage, and potential legal claims. Hotel insurance provides financial protection, ensuring the hotel can continue operations even after unexpected events.

Can hotel insurance be customized to my hotel's specific needs?

Yes, hotel insurance policies can be tailored to meet the specific needs and size of your hotel. You can adjust coverage limits, add endorsements (e.g., cyber liability for data breaches, pollution liability), and choose coverage options relevant to your business.

What does hotel insurance typically cover?

Hotel insurance policies can include coverage for property damage (e.g., fire, theft, vandalism), general liability (guest injuries or property damage), business interruption (lost income due to covered events), workers’ compensation (employee injuries), and liquor liability (if the hotel serves alcohol).

Is hotel insurance required by law?

The requirements for hotel insurance can vary based on the location and local regulations. However, many jurisdictions mandate certain types of coverage, such as workers’ compensation insurance for hotel employees.

Does hotel insurance cover guest belongings?

Hotel insurance typically does not cover the personal belongings of guests. Guests are encouraged to have their own travel insurance to protect their belongings while staying at the hotel.

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